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    Jamie's biography

    Jamie runs his crew ZT's, the crew was originally run by Modie and was called London Fields, then his cousin Leyton ran the gang, then Jamie took it over and he made Kit his second in command, and he's very loyal to Jamie. Jamie is also the parental figure to his two younger brothers, Stefan and Aaron, and he does everything to make sure they don't get involved in the streets and keeps them on the straight and narrow. He works for an Irish drug supplier named Lizzie after eliminating his Turkish connections, who also becomes his lover. When Dushane and Sully return to London, Jamie becomes a rival and the main antagonist of the Summerhouse team.

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    His involvement in Season 3

    Jamie leads the field team, Layton is the de facto leader before then after his cousin Modie is sent to prison, Jamie and Kit, whom he has made second in command and who is very loyal to Jamie, meet an Irish connection , they are currently working for the Turkish mafia which Kit and Jamie leave to work for them.

    Jamie goes to a jewelry store and meets a woman working the counter. He asks her to go out with him, but she insists, Jamie and they go out together, Jamie meets Cam, a gang leader, he asks her to sell drugs for him, but he refuses, he reminds her that it's him and his team who eliminated the Turks, but he doesn't believe it anyway. The jeweler's father visits her in the hospital and tells Jamie to never go near his daughter again. Meanwhile, Cam is kidnapped and beaten to death by Jamie and his team. Cam's second-in-command is now in charge and agrees to work for Jamie. Jamie and Lizzie meet for drugs and sell 10 kilos of them. Later in the season, Lizzie has an affair with Jamie behind her husband's back.

    Jamie takes care of his two brothers, Steffan and Aaron, he comes to Steffan's parents' evening and is very happy with his academic results, his brother Aaron is also at university, Aaron steals money from Jamie and Jamie finds out. Aaron tells Jamie that he met a girl at college, Abbie, and tells her he wanted to please her. Later, Jamie gives money to Aaron to go and give Abbie a nice place and he also gives money to Steffan for her good school results.

    Meanwhile, Dushane is back from Jamaica and running Summerhouse again. Sully works alongside him, which causes a war between Jamie's team and Dushane's team. Dushane sends his teammates Dris and Jaq to follow Jamie, leading them to kidnap Lizzie. Jamie and Dushane meet for a meeting and try to negotiate but it doesn't go well, Jaq and Dris let Lizzie go. Jamie demands to go to war with the Summerhouse team but tells his team to wait for the right moment, but Layton imposes himself by following Modie's orders by telling him to go kill Sully, Layton gets the information on his location by his girlfriend who is Jaq's sister. Jamie arranges for one of his team members to injure Layton by shooting him in the back of the knee, which unintentionally kills Layton.

    Jamie brings his team to Summerhouse, they scald one of the dealers and stabbed another to death. Dushane and the hooded Sully kidnap and trick her into making them work for her and trap Jamie, but things get complicated when Modie escapes from prison with the help of his best friend Jermaine Newton, before Lizzie is kidnapped, Jamie tells him about Modie and tells him that he is the main threat. Jamie is sitting with his brothers and Abbie eating and is interrupted by Jermaine who asks him to come with him. With the help of Dris, they come to save Lizzie but fail to kill Dushane and Sully. Modie wants to come back and take over the entire team whether Jamie likes it or not, but Modie is ultimately killed in a shootout with the police.

    Jamie arranges to kill Dushane and Sully again, but fails, Dris gives Jamie the information, but Dushane is even smarter than Jamie. Jaq gets Ats, his younger brother Steffan's best friend, by placing the drugs and guns in a bag, allowing Aaron, Steffan and Abbie to be arrested, but Jamie turns himself in and goes to prison. Dushane visits Jamie in prison and offers to expose Ats with the hacking of the CCTV that Jamie had the same connection to keep an eye on his two brothers and, if Jamie gets out, to work for him.

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    Jamie's death during season 4

    Jamie is found not guilty of the charges relating to the goods found in the green bag planted by Ats after Douchane provides the evidence to his lawyer. Freed, Jamie returns to the ZT to celebrate his return. Later, Jaq and other Summerhouse members meet with Jamie and the ZT to pass on a gift given by Dushane and congratulate them on his return which marked the beginning of the ZT members' union with Summerhouse.

    Jamie returns home to greet his brothers, but his relationship is strained after his absence. Jamie meets with Dushane who informs him that he has a connection to Morocco and Spain where the new food will come from, to which Jamie consents by agreeing for Jamie and the ZT to work with him.

    Jamie is sent to Morocco by Dushane to do business with their new supplier. While there, he secretly plans betrayal against Dushane.

    After killing Kit to prove his worth to Douchane, a small time jump occurs and Jamie is seen having dinner with his brothers.

    He goes to open the door thinking it's Tia delivering him a gift for repairing the key worker's car. However, when he opens the door, Sully shoots him twice in the chest. On the ground, Jamie can only say "no" to Sully before being shot one last time in the head.

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    Jamie's entanglement with the Irish drug supplier Lizzie, evolving into a romantic relationship, adds complexity to his character. The narrative unfolds as Jamie becomes a rival and the primary antagonist for Dushane and Sully upon their return to London, leading to a conflict with the Summerhouse team.

    In Season 3, Jamie's strategic decisions, such as leaving the Turkish mafia to work for an Irish connection, and his actions, including the kidnapping and death of Cam, contribute to the intensifying rivalry. Personal relationships, such as Lizzie's affair, further enrich Jamie's character.

    The narrative escalates with the involvement of Jamie's brothers in Season 3, including Aaron stealing money and Jamie navigating the challenges of family responsibilities amid gang conflicts. The intricate web of alliances and betrayals unfolds as Dushane and Sully reenter the scene, leading to confrontations, kidnappings, and strategic maneuvers.

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    [TOP BOY] Jamie's Story (2024)


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