Gratin dauphinois the real recipe - Recipe Ptitchef (2024)

Today, we offer you the recipe for the most famous potato gratin on the planet:the potato gratin.And be careful, here we don't joke with tradition, so it'sthe real recipethat we share with you, the one directly transmitted by our grandmother fromhis French cookbook.The best accompaniment for your meat and fish but also a dish that you will enjoy eating as is :-)

Tips and Tricks:

What variety of potato should I use for a gratin dauphinois?
Depending on the desired result, you may not be able to use just anything. We advise you to opt for Bintje, the all-purpose potato par excellence. If you want slightly firmer strips in your recipe, choose Belle de Fontenay or Nicola. Don't also forget firm-fleshed potatoes for better hold in your recipe: Belle de Fontenay, Amandine, Anabelle or even Charlotte (yes yes, we are talking about potatoes ^^).

How do I cut my potatoes for a gratin dauphinois?
If you have a mandolin, don't hesitate to use it to make potato slices. It will allow you to have very thin and regular strips and to obtain an irresistible recipe!

Should I run my potatoes under water before making my gratin?
When you have cut your potatoes into thin strips, do not run them under water. This could remove the starch, which is essential for your gratin dauphinois to hold up well.

How to make a lighter gratin dauphinois?
For a lighter recipe for your gratin, do not use crème fraîche but instead use the milk left over from cooking the potatoes (step 2).

Is there cheese in the traditional gratin dauphinois recipe?
Let's be clear right away, no there is no cheese in the traditional recipe for gratin dauphinois. On the other hand, if you want an even more gratin effect, sprinkle the top of your potatoes with grated cheese. You will thus have a gratin that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

What cream should I use in my gratin dauphinois recipe?
Full-fat crème fraîche will resist cooking better but above all will guarantee you more tender potatoes. But as mentioned above, low-fat crème fraîche can also be used if you want to make your recipe lighter.

Why does gratin dauphinois make water?
Several reasons can explain this. If you wash your potato slices before adding them to your gratin, it's a safe bet that they will release water during cooking. Cooking your potatoes in milk before placing them in your dish will also prevent your gratin dish from releasing water during cooking. Finally, if you put milk in your gratin, the water present in this ingredient could have difficulty evaporating quickly during cooking, leaving a moist base.

How do I flavor my gratin dauphinois?
To spice up your recipe a little, rub the sides of your dish with garlic or shallots. Then, flavor your béchamel sauce according to your tastes: nutmeg, cumin, curry, paprika: it’s up to you!

What should I do if I have leftover potatoes?
You can transform them into puree or cut them into pieces and cook them in the oven for around twenty minutes at 180°C. Otherwise, combine them with other vegetables in a new gratin! Why not try sweet potatoes for a colorful version or cauliflower? Our secret tip for getting the whole family to eat vegetables ;-) To flavor everything, add garlic, cream, a touch of nutmeg to your preparation and you will end up with a recipe for an anti- Perfect waste!


Hello, what cream do you need? liquid or semi-thick? Thank you for your response.

AnswerChief of Staff:

Hello, you will need liquid cream.

The gratin dauphinois and a dish of formerly poor peasants from the Vercors. The 750 g of potatoes must be firm-fleshed and cut as finely as possible. 50 cl of milk 35 g of butter are enough 10 cl of whipping cream The garlic must be rubbed on the bottom of the gratin dish which will be generously buttered. In a bowl mix the milk and cream, top the gratin and add small knobs of butter and no nutmeg (unknown in this region) Salt and pepper, the cream softens the preparationPut in the preheated oven for 50 minutes of cooking at 180°. Check the cooking, the gratin should be nicely browned. Serve immediately, a gratin dauphinois should never wait.

AnswerChief of Staff:

Thank you for all these details!

What variety of potato for a gratin dauphinois?


You should choose potato varieties with firm flesh such as amandine, charlotte or roseval.

I didn't know how to do it, thank you, I'm going to get started


Good recipe!

Hello, the potatoes are cooked from a cold start, not in boiling milk and no cheese of course :)


Thank you for this indication. Actually there is no cheese in the recipe ;)

Sorry but the gratin dauphinois has no cheese. With cheese it's Savoyard gratin! Christiane


Quite. That's why we didn't put it in the recipe, we just indicated it in the tips and tricks.

Hello, the cream is there but in the milk


No, it goes to step 4 on the potatoes pre-cooked in milk then drained

Gratin dauphinois the real recipe - Recipe Ptitchef (2024)


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