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Charcuterie board, cheese board, snack plate, snack board, cheese plate or whatever you want to call such a tray, board or plate. In any shape or variant, a charcuterie board - a classic snack board - tastes simply fantastic. I would say finger food deluxe. And the best part? A snack board like this is incredibly easy to make and today I'll show you exactly how it's done.

Because a little step-by-step instructions like this + some ideas about what can be put on the charcuterie board are never a bad idea. Inspiration is always good in my opinion. Whether you implement it exactly like that is the other question. I always do everything based on feeling. Whatever you feel like and perhaps what is currently available in the fridge or pantry.

Basically, you can put whatever you want on a snack board like this, regardless of whether it's sweet or savory. Topic boards also work. Italian, Greek, Spanish, etc. So let your taste and imagination run wild.

Such charcuterie boards or classic snack boards can be served for any occasion (birthday, party, garden party, snack, etc.). No matter what time of year it is. Because you can eat the foods that are on thatBrett/Boardshould, yes, vote for exactly that. From the size of the plate or the number of guests, you should be clear in advance how extensive the whole thing will be. My Charcuterie Board - classic snack board easily fed 8 people. If you add a little bread or baguette to it, it turns out very well. My olive wood board has the approximate dimensions of 50 x 40 cm.

Charcuterie Board – classic snack board

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Ingredients for a charcuterie board – classic snack board:

  • Cheese (Gouda in different stages of ripeness, with chili, herbs and goat's milk)
  • Salami and Cabanossi (cold cuts and mini sausages)
  • Parma ham
  • Brotchips, Cracker, Grissini
  • dried apricots
  • Grapes
  • Pistachios
  • stuffed peppers and pepperoni
  • Olive
  • small gherkins or gherkins
  • green tomato chutney
  • spicy zucchini relish
  • fresh bread or baguette


Let's start with the cheese. For my Charcuterie Board - classic snack board I used Gouda in different degrees of ripeness, chili, herbs and goat's milk. But if you prefer a different cheese or want a selection, then put it on the board. Various types of cheese go very well on a snack board: Cheddar, Emmental, Brie, Camembert, Gruyère, etc. So the choice is almost endless.

To ensure there is a bit of variety among the types of cheese, I cut each cheese into different pieces or slices. This is a great way to mark the types of cheese and not get confused. What is also still very practical is aCheese knife set, which you put in the different cheeses. This way you can portion out the cheese better and put a few pieces on your plate.

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Now all the foods that have been pickled or cooked are placed on the board. Like pepperoni, peppers with cream cheese filling,green tomato chutney,spicy zucchini relish, olives, pickles and or gherkins. It's best to put these ingredients in a small bowl and then place them on the wooden board, so nothing leaks and the snack board stays reasonably clean and free of oil and vinegar. The chutneys or sauces could also stain and it is very difficult to get that off the wooden board afterwards.

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In the next step, salami, cabanossi, Parma ham and whatever other sausage products you would like are put on the wooden board. You can also place the sausage and ham in groups or make small piles. Just fold and roll something and you've turned a slice of salami into a rose, for example. It looks much nicer and the eye also enjoys it.

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Now comes the worst part. At the end, bread chips, crackers, breadsticks, pistachios, grapes and dried apricots are added. You basically fill the free gaps with snacks and give the charcuterie board – classic snack board – the final touch. Basically you are now finished and the snack board can be served. As mentioned above, bread, baguettes or other savory pastries go well with a charcuterie board.

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It's best to make the charcuterie board - classic snack boards shortly before the guests arrive, because then everything is fresh and can be eaten straight away. Decorate the board right away where it should stand, because such a large board is very heavy after it is placed on it and it would be a shame if the small work of art were destroyed while being carried.

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Charcuterie Board - classic snack board - Fashion Kitchen (2024)


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