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Magic mushrooms

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Indoor, warm, mild, cool

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Amazon | Magic mushrooms

Mushroom Growkit Amazon

Authentic shaman mushroom from the Amazon region

“PES Amazonian” or “PES” for shortAmazonMagic Mushroom", is a representative of the "Psilocybe Cubensis" family and is said to come directly from the South American Amazon region. The shamans of the local indigenous peoples have sworn by the consciousness-expanding effects of these psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms for centuries. Large and with the characteristic nipple on top of the exotic-looking reddish cap, these magic mushrooms are also visually something special. It is not uncommon to get mushrooms with a size of up to 15cm and in exceptional cases up to 30cm. The mushroom grow kits of this type grow and produce extremely quickly several medium-sized harvests. Ensuring stable temperature and humidity values ​​has, as with all grow kits, an enormous influence on success. With this 1200ml grow kit, you can definitely get three successful harvests with oneTotal yield of 400-600 gramscalculate.

The authentic trip – a miracle of nature

The effects of these mushrooms are often described as one of the most authentic psychedelic experiences one can have. Intense visual impressions are accompanied by a pleasant feeling of joy, making these mushrooms ideal for evenings with close friends or, in smaller doses, even for smaller parties. Many people speak of an invigorating effect and the urge to move or even dance. Of course, at the beginning you shouldn't exaggerate and slowly approach these wonders of nature. But once you have gained enough experience, you will know relatively quickly why the shamans in South America chose exactly this shroom for their ceremonies.

  • Always and without exception wash and disinfect hands, forearms and all work surfaces thoroughly before working with a grow kit
  • Close windows and doors to avoid microorganisms from drafts
  • Always wear a face mask/breathing mask to avoid inhaling spores and contaminating the mycelium/cake with your own breath
  • Do not open the grow kit until it is in the grow bag
  • Grow kits should always be used immediately upon receipt and only stored in exceptional cases. A grow kit can last up to 4 weeks if well packaged in the refrigerator at 3-5°C. But nothing is guaranteed.
Quick instructions for growing the grow kit:
  • Remove the enclosed grow bag from the box.
  • Fill 200-300ml of still water (not tap water) into the grow bag (not into the grow kit).
  • Now place the grow kit in the grow bag filled with water.
  • Now remove the lid of the grow kit in the grow bag.
  • Wash the lid under running water and store it away for future harvests.
  • Now spray the opened grow kit with some still mineral water using a spray bottle with an atomizer (again, do not use tap water).
  • Now close the top of the grow bag with two to three paper clips or adhesive tape to seal it enough so that sufficient humidity can form.
  • Place the grow bag in a warm place with lots of indirect light, where the temperature is constantly 18-26°C (do not place it in direct sun!); Although magic mushrooms grow in the specified temperature range, for optimal yields you should keep the temperature at a constant 24°C. A thermal mat can help here, but it does not compensate for a room that is too cold.
  • Ventilate the grow kit once a day by briefly opening the grow bag and spraying a spray from your atomizer on each side of the grow bag; Avoid spraying the mycelium/cake directly; Then close the grow bag again as usual.
  • The first mushrooms should be visible after about two weeks.
Quick Guide to Harvesting the Amazon Magic Mushroom Grow Kit:

Cleanliness is the top priority when harvesting magic mushrooms. Wash hands and forearms well with antibacterial soap and always wear sterile gloves. It is very important that the mushrooms are harvested as soon as the veils under the mushroom caps begin to tear away from the mushroom stem. If you wait too long past this point, the grow kit will most likely not produce any further crops. Be sure to harvest the magic mushrooms on time. Grab the mushrooms by the stem and gently twist and pull out. It is very important not to just pull, as this can damage the mycelium inside the grow kit and then perform worse in future harvests. After picking, the stems may turn bluish, but this is normal and even speaks for the quality of the mushrooms.

Additional Harvests:

If handled correctly, it is possible to produce two to three harvests with these grow kits. But experienced breeders can also do more. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • After harvesting, remove the grow kit from the grow bag and fill it with still mineral water approximately 1cm - 2cm from the ground.
  • Place the saved lid back on the grow kit and place the kit in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
  • After 2 hours, carefully open one of the corners of the lid and carefully pour off any excess water. It is normal to have little water left and the amount of water varies from grow kit to grow kit.
  • Start at point 1 of the growing instructions and harvest the next mushrooms in a few weeks. This process can be repeated several times.
  • The grow kit has reached the end of its life cycle when no new fungi have formed after at least three weeks or the kit turns green, red, gray or yellow, as this indicates contamination by other microorganisms. Please dispose of grow kits directly away from home and do not put them in household waste.
Scope of delivery:
  • 1200ml grow kit with substrate and mycelium/cake
  • Grow bag with micron filter

Amazon Magic Mushrooms - these are psychoactive psionic mushrooms


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