20 Super Bowl Sunday gifts for sports and gaming enthusiasts (2024)

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TheSuper Bowl Sundayis getting closer, and it's not just football fans who are preparing for the excitement of game day. This year, why not score points with your employees, investors, business partners and customers by surprising them with thoughtful Super Bowl-themed gifts?

Recognizing their passion for sports and games can go a long wayBuilding closer professional relationshipsafford. In this blog post, we present 5 fantastic gift ideas tailored to each category - employees, investors, business partners and customers.

5 gifts for employees on Super Bowl Sunday

Here are 5 gifts for employees on Super Bowl Sunday as a token of appreciation.

1. Custom team jerseys

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Promote team spirit by providing personalized jerseys with your favorite team or company logo. This is a fun and bonding way to celebrate the Super Bowl while fostering a sense of camaraderie among your coworkers.

2. Game day snack baskets

Brighten up Super Bowl Sunday with an exclusive basket full of gourmet snacks and treats. Put in a variety of snacks like popcorn, nachos, candy and drinks to ensure they have the perfect selection on game day.

3. Virtual Game Night Experience

Organize a virtual game night for your team with Super Bowl-themed trivia, games and challenges. Platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams can be used to create an interactive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

4. Smart TV or projector

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Expand your home viewing experience with a smart TV or projector. This gift will enhance their Super Bowl experience and be a lasting reminder of your appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

5. Fitness-Tracker

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Promote a healthy lifestyle by giving fitness trackers as gifts. There are different brands and models, choose one that suits your employees' preferences. This thoughtful gift promotes well-being and shows that you care about the health of your employees.

Give your employees vouchers for gym subscriptions likeCult.fit,Gymshark, Anytime Fitness and many more.

5 Super Bowl Sunday gifts for investors to thank for their continued support

Here are 5 gifts for investors for Super Bowl Sunday.

1. Exclusive Super Bowl VIP Package

Impress your investors by gifting them an exclusive Super Bowl VIP package that includes tickets, access to pre-game events, and premium seating. With this high-quality gift you show your gratitude and your commitment to the partnership.

2. Custom designed memorabilia

Commission personalized sports memorabilia such as: E.g. signed jerseys, footballs or helmets with the team of their choice. This unique gift not only has sentimental value but also serves as a lasting token of your appreciation.

3. Private box in a sports bar

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Treat your investors to a private box at a sports bar to fully enjoy the Super Bowl. Make sure the box is stocked with gourmet food, drinks and comfortable seating to make it an unforgettable experience.

4. Luxurious tailgate equipment

Elevate the experience with high-quality equipment like portable grills, premium coolers and custom folding chairs. These items add a touch of luxury to the Super Bowl celebrations.

5. Custom Executive Playset

Give the gift of a stylish executive game set with chess, backgammon or poker, personalized with initials or company logo. This sophisticated gift combines leisure and business and reflects your appreciation for the person's strategic contribution.

5 Gifts for Business Partners on Super Bowl Sunday to Build Better Relationships

Here are 5 gifts for business partners on Super Bowl Sunday to build better relationships,

1. Corporate suite tickets

Strengthen your business relationships by offering corporate suite tickets to the Super Bowl. This premium experience offers an excellent opportunity to network and build stronger relationships.

2. Custom Super Bowl Promotional Items

Create custom Super Bowl items such as: E.g. clothing, mugs or accessories with your company's logo. Not only does this fit with the celebratory spirit, but it also serves as a subtle marketing tool.

3. Exclusive culinary experience

Give the gift of a private cooking experience, either in your home or in a first-class restaurant. Let them enjoy gourmet cuisine while watching the Super Bowl, creating a memorable and delicious experience.

4. Branded tech gadgets

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Impress your business partners with high-quality technical gadgets such as headphones, smartwatches or Bluetooth speakers with individual branding. These functional gifts combine style and utility, making them perfect for on-the-go businesspeople.

5. Tickets for networking events

Offer tickets to exclusive networking events or industry conferences surrounding the Super Bowl. This thoughtful gesture not only shows your commitment to the partnership, but also provides valuable opportunities for collaboration.

5 Gifts for Customers on Super Bowl Sunday to Build Loyal Relationships

Here are 5 gifts for customers on Super Bowl Sunday to build a loyal relationship,

1. Limited edition team items

Show your customers that they are part of an exclusive club by offering them a limited edition Super Bowl team merchandise. Whether a specially designed jersey, a cap or memorabilia, this unique gift creates a feeling of exclusivity and expresses gratitude for their unwavering loyalty.

2. Game day snack kits

Bring the Super Bowl party to your customers' homes with carefully curated snack packs. From tasty treats to team-branded treats, this thoughtful package ensures your customers have everything they need for an immersive and enjoyable Super Bowl experience.

3. Digitale Streaming-Abonnements

Elevate the game day experience by giving away subscriptions to popular sports streaming services. With access to live Super Bowl action and exclusive content, your customers can enjoy the game from the comfort of their own home.

This practical and fun gift highlights your commitment to their entertainment needs.

Elevate the occassion with Xoxoday Gift Cards! Unlock discounts onNetflix, Gaana, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and more. Shop now and light up their festivities!

4. Custom thank you video

Give your gratitude a personal touch by recording heartfelt thank you videos for your customers. Feature key team members expressing their appreciation and add a Super Bowl theme to make it seem both entertaining and genuine.

This unique gesture goes beyond a traditional thank you note and leaves a lasting impression.

5. Exclusive discounts and promotions

Score points with your customers by offering exclusive discounts or promotions during Super Bowl season. Not only do you reward them for their loyalty, but you also encourage greater engagement and brand loyalty.

The excitement of the Super Bowl can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing strategy so that both you and your customers benefit.


Super Bowl Sunday is not only a day for football fans, but also an opportunity to strengthen professional relationships by recognizing and celebrating the passions of your employees, investors, business partners and customers.

By choosing thoughtful and personal gifts, you not only show your appreciation but also create lasting memories and connections.

As you prepare for the big game, consider these gift ideas to make this Super Bowl Sunday a touchdown in recognition of those who contribute to your company's success.

20 Super Bowl Sunday gifts for sports and gaming enthusiasts (2024)


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