15 chicken recipes: simple and delicious recipes (2024)

15 chicken recipes: simple and delicious recipes

We want to show with our recipes that cooking does not have to be difficult. These 15chicken recipesso they are alleasyto make andTastyto eat ๐Ÿ˜‰ Feel free to vary the recipes. If a recipe calls for chicken fillet, replace it with chicken thighs, for example. The advantage of chicken thighs is that it is a lot cheaper and a lot more tender in structure. Good food does not necessarily have to be very expensive.

15 chicken recipes

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Asian chicken with spicy rice

ThisAsian chickenseason with garlic, sambal, soy sauce, chili sauce and fresh ginger. I use sambal Oelek for this recipe. Would you prefer to eat this dish a little less spicy? Then use sambal badjak or use a little less sambal.

chicken stew in spicy tomato sauce

This chicken stew in spicy tomato sauce is not only delicious with spaghetti but also with other pastas. It is also very tasty to have fries with a large dollop of ithomemade mayonaiseto serve.

chicken in chili sauce with stir-fried vegetables

Do you not have much time to cook, but do you want to eat tasty and healthy food? Then make this chicken in chili sauce with stir-fried vegetables. Ready within 25 minutes. You can decide for yourself which stir-fried vegetables you use for this recipe๐Ÿ™‚

Sandwich with grilled chicken and sriracha mayonnaise

This sandwich with grilled chicken and sriracha mayonnaise is absolutely delicious. Eat this โ€œclub sandwichโ€ with lunch or as a light dinner.

pulled chicken sandwich

First pre-cook the chicken and then fry it in a sauce of ketchup, sambal and chili sauce. This means your pulled chicken has both a sweet and spicy taste. Would you like to eat this sandwich as a complete evening meal? Then double the quantities.

make your own chicken satay

Making chicken satay yourself in soy sauce marinade is really delicious. Fortunately, this recipe is also really simple to make. I use this marinade based on ketjap manis, sambal and garlic most often.

salad with smoked chicken and spicy honey dressing

This salad with smoked chicken and spicy honey dressing proves that healthy and tasty food go hand in hand. Making the salad will take you about 10 minutes of your time.

pasta salad with grilled chicken and pesto

This pasta salad with grilled chicken and pesto is one of my personal favorite salad recipes. You can eat this salad lukewarm or cold. That is why the salad is tasty in winter as well as in summer.

Indonesian tomato soup with peanut butter and chicken

This soup contains a surprising ingredient that you might think. Eewwww what a combination! This tomato soup also contains a fair amount of peanut butter. Yes, you read that right...PEANUT BUTTER. The slogan โ€œa bit strange but tastyโ€ really applies to this soup. Do you dare?

Pizza with spicy chicken, bell pepper and red onion

This pizza with spicy chicken, bell pepper and red onion was really great! You can choose to use a ready-made pizza base or make your own pizza bases. I have now made my parents completely addicted to this pizza ๐Ÿ™‚

Make chicken siam yourself a la knorr world dishes

I am absolutely not against cooking from packages, but this Chicken Siam is a dish that you can really make yourself. Delicious with extra cashew nuts ๐Ÿ™‚

15 chicken recipes: simple and delicious recipes (11)

Making Surinamese nasi with chicken

The recipe for this Surinamese nasi with chicken is inspired by my recipeSurinam Style Noodles. This recipe is probably not an authentic recipe, but it is really delicious! You can make this nasi a day in advance and freeze it if necessary.

Noodles with minced chicken and vegetables

Do you have little time to cook but do you want to put a tasty and healthy meal on the table? Then you could make these noodles with minced chicken and vegetables. This dish is ready in 20 minutes.

Ajam smother or Indian chicken

A stew that we prepare very regularly is this ajam smoor. This chicken stew is really packed with flavor and is delicious to eat with rice, noodles or fries. Anyway, we like to eat everything with fries ๐Ÿ˜‰

chicken curry with tomato and pepper

A delicious spicy chicken curry that is probably completely different from the chicken curry you are used to. Chicken curry usually contains pineapple, but Jan Willem and I don't like this very much. Of course, feel free to add pineapple.

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15 chicken recipes: simple and delicious recipes (2024)


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